Foreign investors lured by Oudomxay tourism treasures

A tourist enjoys zip lining from a tree house at Nam Kat Yorlapa Resort, one of the top visitor attractions in Xay district, Oudomxay province. --Photo Nam Kat Yorlapa Resort

A Several sites in Oudomxay province are attracting the interest of foreign investors keen to develop new attractions to draw more visitors.Chom Ong Cave is 16 km long, 15-50 m wide, 25-100 m high and located 44 km from the provincial capital.The province's top tourist sites including Nam Kat Yorlapa, the protected forestry area along Nam Kat River in Xay district, and Singkham Buddha temple in La district.There are more than 100 natural and cultural tourist sites in the province including those developed and undeveloped.