Address by a Lao media representative

Mr Chairman,
Distinguished media representatives from the 6 Lancang-Mekong countries:
Ladies and gentlemen
On behalf of the Lao media delegation, I am delighted and honored to attend and deliver a speech at this meaningful conference. The meeting provides a forum for media representatives from the 6 Mekong-Lancang countries to meet, discuss, exchange lessons and seek cooperation mechanisms and directions that aim to develop and strengthen media in the region.
Ladies and Gentlemen
The Mekong-Lancang Cooperation Media Summit with the theme “Mekong-Lancang Community Cooperation for a Bright Future” is viewed as an important discussion. The forum will facilitate and enhance media cooperation within the 6 Mekong-Langcang countries in accordance with their common goals and objectives, which aim to establish peace and stability in the region, narrow development gaps, enhance cooperation, and join hands in building a Mekong-Langcang community with a shared future. This success will be possible due to the existence of mutual understanding, mutual assistance, frequent discussions and increased cooperation, which will be based on equality and mutual benefits.
To achieve these common goals and objectives, the media from the 6 Mekong-Langchang countries must discuss how they can cooperate in disseminating information to people in the region accurately and constructively. This will be possible with the media taking a role in guiding people’s thinking so that they will have mutual understanding and trust among each other. Furthermore, the media should share benefits and maximize the use of future potential. All of this should be based on strengthened relations and joint development in our region.
At present, globalization is viewed as a borderless information and technology age. The dissemination and reception of information are made possible with different means and channels.
In the age of the market economy, goods flow freely and international payment settlement is made in currencies. However, not only the movement of the goods is now based on commercial basis but also the transmission of the information.
Unfortunately, in least developed countries, which have limited financial resources, they are struggling to apply modern technologies to disseminate the information fast and efficiently. This is a challenge in our country. With this situation, it is very essential for the 6 countries to help each other to ensure more information, what happens and important facts in our country is reported in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen
To gradually minimize the challenges that Laos is facing, I would like to make recommendations as below:

  1. There should be a regular forum to discuss cooperation in information and new technology.
  1. There should be exchanges of media products between the media of the 6 countries. This provision should be free of charge.
  2. It is recommended that media organisations of the People’s Republic of China should help media organizations in the least developed countries in the area of human resource development and information technology equipment. The assistances will enable them to catch up with the developed countries in the region and the world.

Last but not least, I wish media delegates from the six Mekong-Lancang countries, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant life and good health, and look forward to your wise contributions to ensure the summit achieves a fruitful outcome.